Discovery Flight “Pilot Wannabe”


This airplane ride is the best option for someone who is considering getting a pilot licence: Control a small airplane in flight, learn about the basic knowledge involved and discuss the possible training programs with a flight instructor.


Have you ever wonder what it feels like to be a pilot?
Be a Pilot for one hour!

(Discovery Flight = 30 minutes of ground briefing + 30 minutes of flight lesson)

First you will get a short training session on the ground where you will learn the basics of aircraft handling. You will be introduced to basic concepts of flying, aircraft knowledge and how to control the airplane in the air. Then you will follow your instructor for the pre-flight inspection, you will sit in the pilot seat and listen the safety briefing carefully.

When you are ready it’s time to take off! You will be in charge of the controls and apply what you learnt on the ground earlier. After practising the fundamental manoeuvres learned by every pilots, it will be time to come back to the airport. Under the supervision of your flight instructor, why not try the approach and land the airplane by yourself ? If you prefer to let the instructor show you the landing, that’s fine as well!

Additional information

Weather Limitations

The flight may be postponed – at no cost – until the airport & weather conditions are satisfactory.

Weight Limitations

This airplane ride is limited to one student/passenger so the weight limitations should not be a problem. In doubt contact us!

Young Participant

We recommend that the pilot/student is at least 10 years old and that he is able to demonstrate the maturity necessary to understand and follow all the safety instructions.


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